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When you find yourself on the side of your road and are in need of a car repair, you should contact a mechanic as soon as possible. Make sure that you are in a safe area. It might be necessary to pull your vehicle onto the shoulder of the road. It is important to know where you are located so you can get help. A navigational system might be helpful, because it will allow you to pinpoint your location. A tow truck driver or someone to help you will need you to be calm and give a clear account of your location.

At night, it is imperative that you do not attempt to cross a busy highway. Speeding vehicles might not see you or your vehicle. Therefore, it could be safer to leave your emergency lights on so that the nighttime traffic can see your vehicle. Leaving the emergency lights on, might help your rescuers find you.

Try to be patient and wait for help. If you have called a tow truck, ask the driver the length of time that it will take to reach you. Often, tow truck drivers or auto club representatives can give you a relatively accurate idea of the length of time that it will take to get to you. Be aware, that it could take hours to reach you on a busy night. People who have had a flat tire could try to change the tire and use a spare until they are able to reach a mechanic for proper auto servicing. It might be more danger to change a tire on the shoulder of an interstate. If you are in that situation, it could be safer to call a tow truck, have the vehicle transported to your car repair shop and allow the experts to change the tires.