History of Comstock Family Farm

The Comstock Family Farm has been in our family for 4 generations.

In 1900, George Comstock and Kate (Lombard) Comstock bought several acres of land at the corner of Comstock Rd. and Hill Rd. in Alstead, NH.

They had seven children: Earl, George, Lottie, Ola, Irene, Jesse, and Bill.

Kate and George opened a cider mill on the property soon afterwards (this image was drawn by Ola's daughter, Katherine Petersen Esslinger). They sold the mill in the early 1950's.

Some of the blueberry bushes on the farm were originally from "Irene's Blueberry Patch" - named for their youngest daughter, Irene
(shown here, with a kitten on her lap).

In the mid 1960's, Ola's daughter Henrietta "Annie" Petersen Garland took over the farm and added many more blueberry bushes as well as strawberry beds. Annie is shown in the center back of this photograph (circa 1965).

Annie ran the farm for many years, living across the street from the blueberry fields and barn. This photograph shows some 5th generation Comstocks with Ola Comstock Petersen on the front porch of the house (circa 1983).

Annie died in 2007, and Junie and Susan Esslinger (Ola's grandson and granddaughter-in-law) took over the farm. They have expanded the farm's offerings and are committed to sustainable agriculture practices.

Please come visit!

For more images of the farm (from 1900-present), click the thumbnails

Junie Esslinger clears brush from the fields (2007)

Blueberry bushes in June (2007)

Susan's farm stand (2007)

The brook that runs behind the farm (2007)

The old barn (2007)

George and Kate Comstock (c. 1930)
Kate Comstock, Ola Comstock Petersen, Irene Comstock, and Katherine Petersen (c. 1930)

Earl Comstock hauling wood
(c. 1920)

Comstock family hunting party (c. 1918)
The 4th generation of Comstocks: Junie Esslinger, Kristin Esslinger Carmichael, Tom Esslinger, and Peter Esslinger (c. 1963)